Terms of use

We have strict quality and safety policies on this site and we want you to know everything before posting anything on it.

We will never tolerate any kind of violation of our terms and we do not even need to tell you that we will not approve any type of law-abusing, hateful and violent advertising that encourages the sale of drugs, weapons or products that infringe patents or rights of third parties.

We will not allow ads, texts, or adult comments or refer to any kind of pornographic thinking.

The quality of the ads is of fundamental importance to make the site pleasant for the visitor's browsing, therefore, bad images, polluted or that do not reflect the truth of the facts will not be approved.

Site usage

You can use this site without registering and without paying anything for the use. We will not charge you access or ask you to buy anything. 

You can register and even send free ads to our site and we will publish your ad if our quality team believes that it deserves to be here.

You, at your discretion, may request a promotion of your ad so that it has relevance on our site.

Forbidden Activities

As we have already anticipated at the beginning of this text, all ads will be reviewed by us and we will approve or not and it is up to us to approve and disapprove at any time.

The following activities on this site will not be allowed:

  • Advertising of illegal products;

  • Announcement of products that violate patents;

  • Adult content ad;

  • Liar ads that do not exist;

  • Violent comments that offend others;

  • Lying Reviews;

  • Ads with unique intent to generate Backlinks;

  • Badly made and ugly ads or out of our standard.

Limitation of Liability

According to the applicable legislation, Top Event Destinations does not assume any contractual or extracontractual liability due to damages and / or direct and indirect damages, which may lead to: (I) inability to use the service. (II) any costs incurred to obtain substitute services, or any purchased or acquired good or information or message received or operations carried out through these services. (III) of unauthorized access or alteration of your data transmissions. (IV) statements of conduct of third parties through the service.

The CLIENT agrees that in addition, Top Event Destinations shall not be liable for any damages or losses arising from the interruption, suspension or termination of the service, including but not limited to damages, profits, use, data or other intangible property, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, even if the interruption, suspension or termination is justified or not, negligent or intentional, warned or inadvertent. (V) Top Event Destinations shall not be liable for any damages and / or indemnities generated due to the evaluations of the users of the site in relation to the advertiser establishments.

Negotiations with Advertisers

The ads on the site Top Event Destinations are the sole responsibility of the advertisers. It is up to the advertisers to ensure their business and transactions suitability. Just like the creation and disclosure of discount coupons on the Top Event Destinations Discounts page.

The CONTRACTOR, through Top Event Destinations, does not carry out any sale, purchase and / or discounts, exchanges or any type of transaction made by the users of its website, being exclusively a service of media availability for dissemination. The transaction should be done directly between the interested parties.

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The CLIENT undertakes to indemnify the CONTRACTOR, its representatives, agents, partners and employees, from any convictions related to administrative claims or court proceedings, including any reimbursement of legal fees of its attorneys and / or third parties, for any damages suffered by the CLIENT. Top Event Destinations from the use or transmission of undue information, made through the various login (s) and password (s) registered in Top Event Destinations that violates the terms of use, law or local regulation, national or international, that may harm the rights of third parties, provided duly substantiated.

The Links

Top Event Destinations is not responsible for the suggested destination in linked links in the ads and does not maintain links with other sites suggested by them. And shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to have been caused by such content, products or services available on such external sites or resources, or by the use or trust deposited by the CLIENT, user or third parties in such content, products or services.